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Our Second Festival: May 18, 19 and 20

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About the Birch Festival

The Birch Festival brings world-leading musicians to work in tandem with local business and cultural partnerships, integrating the Berkshire community into a week-long music festival.

Through school and community visits, the musicians of The Birch Festival encourage new audiences and build community rapport, offering free tickets to any school-aged child and an adult family member and prioritizing event accessibility for young adults. Serving as a vehicle to tell stories of the Berkshires’ diverse population, The Birch Festival also connects local businesses, cultural groups, and service oriented organizations with performances, working in tandem to highlight those who make up our community.

Programmatically, The Birch Festival promotes and propels distinct voices in music, whether through new composition or creative interpretation of old favorites. The Birch Festival offers leading musicians a chance to play and establish relationships in the Berkshires, while recognizing and promoting the importance of their work by offering compensation that sustains and values their efforts in this industry.

Founded by Yevgeny Kutik, a Belarusian-Jewish refugee resettled in Pittsfield by the Jewish Federation, and writer/educator Rachel Barker, The Birch Festival seeks to integrate and connect the experiences of those who have found their home in the Berkshires through music and community.

Our Mission

A 501(c)(3) organization, The Birch Festival aims to connect and integrate leading musicians with the Berkshire community, while highlighting the unique and original stories of those who make up the Berkshires. The Birch Festival seeks to build new audiences through accessibility and availability, while offering innovative, distinctive, and collaborative programming.

Thank You Massachusetts Cultural Council!

The Birch Festival’s 2024 Festival is generously and partially sponsored by grants from the Lenox Cultural Council, Tyringham Cultural Council, Sheffield Cultural Council, and MA Cultural Council.

Our Community Partners